At it very heart Wallace Street Evangelical Church’s mission is to spread the Gospel message of salvation through the blood of Christ to the Indianapolis eastside and beyond in a Biblical way.


Living by Christ’s example of love, nurturing, compassion, and discipline is a free gift of the Holy Spirit which our members try to practice; but we know that physical needs often have to be met along with spiritual needs. Providing food, healing, education and youth camping opportunities, and Biblical resources to those with needs can become expensive. Our members generally are not affluent, and help with these expenses is greatly appreciated.


We therefore welcome and encourage three kinds of contribution:

Prayer Support

Service Support

Monetary Support


Please discuss either of the first two with one of our Pastors.


Monetary Support can be sent to:

Wallace Street Evangelical Church

Attn: Financial Secretary

4805 E. 10th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46201


Contributions to our operating budget are always appreciated. This pays our staff, utilities, and maintains our facility (all janitorial work at WSEC is performed by volunteers at no monetary cost).

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If you wish to support some specific existing programs, please communicate this with your contribution. Here are a few existing “Reserve Accounts” that are maintained separate from the general church operating budget:


Hunger Bank / Food Pantry Fund (Ann Benefiel memorial)

Needy Fund

Destiny’s Place (Youth Fund)

Preschool Scholarships Fund

Youth Camping Fund (Earl Holmes memorial)

Couple’s Retreat Fund (marriage / family enrichment)

China Bible Mission

Wheeler Mission Support (Indianapolis Homeless)

Voice of the Martyrs

World Missionary Press


Wallace Street Evangelical Church, Inc. is a “501c3” not-for-profit, and to the extent that no goods or services directly benefiting the contributor are received in return, contributions are tax-deductible. Donors will receive a receipt. Anonymity and privacy is completely maintained (unless otherwise requested).