What Would Jesus Do?

I Peter 2:17-25

Pew Bible Pg. 984


I.  A proper view of this earthly life begins with a proper view of God.                             vs. 17


    A.  When I see God more clearly, I will treat others with honor. 

    B.  I will even treat the governing authorities with respect and honor.


II.  A right view of Jesus puts life into perspective.                                                   vs. 21-23


    A.  We were called to follow in His steps of suffering.                                                  vs. 21

    B.  We are commanded to subject ourselves to those in authority with all respect.         vs. 18

     C.  When we suffer for what is right, God is pleased.                                              vs. 19-20


III.  Jesus did redeem and heal us.                                                                                   Vs 24


    A.  The good news is because of Him we can live to righteousness.                                vs. 24

    B.  He is The Good Shepherd.                                                                                       vs. 25



How do I usually feel when someone exercises authority over me, especially an unjust person?  Have I entrusted myself to Him who judges justly?



Do I think often enough of the suffering that Jesus endured?



How am I following in His example daily?