The Three Loves, Part II
Leviticus 19:9-18

Pew Bible Pg.

I.  The call to love your unknown or distant neighbor.

                                                                                                                                    vs. 9-10

         A.  The Oval Rectangle                                                                                              vs. 9

  No partiality to the poor.                                                                                    vs. 15

  The call to love your known neighbor.                                                                 vs. 11-16, 18

        A.  Respect and righteousness. 

        B.  No partiality to the great.                                                                                   vs. 15

  The call to love even those we would not consider our neighbor, our enemies.         vs. 16-18

        A.  Those within the Church. 

        B.  Those outside the Church.                                                                      Matt. 5:43-48

Am I surrendered to God in order to love my neighbor no matter who it is?


Who is the person that I struggle to love the most?




How does God want me to empty myself of me in order to display Him in supernatural love?