Why Us?

I Peter 1:8-13

Pew Bible Pg.  983


I.  God has revealed to us what was unknown to the prophets.                                          vs. 12a


    A.  The prophets wanted to know when and how redemption would take place.             vs. 10-11


    B.  The angels are even seeking to understand God’s plan. 



II.  God has given us the good news!                                                                                vs. 12b


    A.  We have received the gospel so we can share the gospel                           II Cor. 5:16-21


    B.  We need to be actively thinking, not passively living.                                                vs. 13


III.  God has given us a future which goes beyond our understanding.                               vs. 13


    A.  Our hope is not in what this life has to offer.                                             Matt. 6:19-21


    B.  We are to be “other worldly” in our living.                                                  I Peter 2:9-10



Do I realize the precious gift I have been given with the good news of salvation?




Am I keeping this gift to myself?




How am I doing on storing up treasure in heaven?