Basic Training for the Body

Unlocking the Power of Prayer

Matthew 6:5-15, 7:7-11

Pew Bible Pg. 787



I.  Prayer begins by acknowledging who God is.                                      Matt. 6:9


    A.  Our Father is all knowing and generous.                            Matt 6:6, 8; 7:11

    B.  Our Father is conditionally forgiving.                                    Matt. 6:14-15



II.  Prayer is an eternal gift.                                                              Matt. 6:10


    A.  Our prayers to God reflect what is most important to us. 

                                                                                                    Matt. 6:11-12

    B.  Start small and pray big.                                                         Matt. 7:7-8



III.  Prayer is the power we need to live for Jesus Christ. 

                                                                                                         Phil. 4:4-8


    A.  Persevering in prayer is like persevering in our faith. 

                                                                                                      Luke 18:4-8

    B.  Our prayers prepare us for what is to come.



Where do I find my focus most days, on God and His ability or me and my inability?



Who or what do I need to be praying consistently about in my life?



Who is someone I can pray with or teach how to pray?