Basic Training for the Body

You Will Be My Witnesses

Acts 1:4-11

Pew Bible Pg. 884


I.  Godís plan is unfolding in His perfect timing and in His perfect way.                                      vs. 6-7, 11


    A.  As a church family, we must keep our eyes on who God is and what He is doing, not the earthly powers that be.                                                                                                                                        Col. 3:1-4

    B.  Our mission is to be witnesses while we are here.                                                   vs. 8, I John 1:1-4



II.  Our witness should be always expanding.                                                                                             vs. 8


    A.  The body of Christ should not be viewed as an exclusive club...

    B.  ...but as the only place where the power of truth and life is preserved.                      I Cor. 6:7-11



III.  This is a short-term, urgent mission.                                                                             Rev. 22:7, 12, 20


    A.  We need to be bold in the message of love and truth. 

    B.  Witness while we can!



Do I have an urgency within me to be a witness?  If not, what it holding me back?



Do I see the need for growing our church family?



Am I living to see Godís eternal plan unfolding or am I striving to build my own earthly kingdom?