Faith Like a Child

Matthew 18:1-6

Pew Bible Pg. 799


I.  We find ourselves complicating our faith.                                                vs. 1


   A.  We want to and like to have things figured out.                          Prov. 3:5-6

B.  We like to be and want to be independent.                  Eph. 2:8-9, Gal. 6:1-4


II.  God knows that we need Him most.                                                    vs. 2-4


    A.  If we want to enter the kingdom of heaven, we need to be humble.

                                                                                                         Phil. 2:3-4

    B.  We must then be on our guard against pride.                             Jas. 4:6-10



III.  When we have faith like a child, we are more like Jesus.                       vs. 5

    A.  There is a consequence if we do not look out for each other.               vs. 6

    b.   God will give us an eternal reward.                       Matt. 6:19-24, 10:40-42



What is one area in my life in which I find myself struggling to be humble?




Am I overcomplicating my faith, tempted to figure it our my way?




Who can I share the good news with this week of what it means to be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?