Am I a Child or a Chief?

Matthew 21:12-17

Pew Bible Pg.  802



I.  Jesus entered the city with another reminder of how we ought to worship.                           vs. 12-13


    A.  True worship is not corrupted by greed and selfishness.                                               John 4:21-24


    B.  We acknowledge the Audience of One. 


II.  Jesus declared and demonstrated who He was.                                                                          vs. 14, 16


    A.  Jesus is God.                                                                                                          John 1:1-2, John 5:18


    B.  He did wonderful things for the people.                                                                                         vs. 15



III.  Our response to Jesus determines our eternity.


    A.  The children worshipped him.                                                                                   vs. 15, Matt. 18:1-4


    B.   The chief priests and scribes were indignant.                                                                               vs. 15



Have I come to worship in form and fashion or in spirit and truth?




Do I truly believe Jesus is who He said He is?




Have I “grown up” in my faith or am I keeping my faith like a child?