Is the Resurrection Real?

I Cor. 15:1-26

Pew Bible Pg. 935


I.  Paul knew what was most important then and today.



    A.  The overcomplicated, convoluted, confusing, discouraging, hopeless message is not from God.


    B.  The simple good news is God’s message.



II.  The resurrection is central to our belief, but what if it is not real?

                                                                                                           vs. 12-19


    A.  Without the resurrection we are phonies and imposters with useless faith.


    B.  Without the resurrection the rest of the world should feel pity for us.



III.  But . . . HE IS RISEN!

                                                                                                          vs. 20-26


    A.  We have new life and eternal hope.


    B.  He has conquered death and will destroy it.



In what gospel have you believed?




Are you caught in the “Is this all really real?” stage?



If it is real and you have believed, how is it changing your daily life?