The Tale of Two Disciples, Part One Peter
Luke 22:31-34

Pew Bible Pg. 858


I.  The Declaration of Independence.  Matt. 16:13-20

    A.  Peter was a dedicated disciple.

    B.  Peter was willing to speak as the Spirit directed.

II.  The Demonstration of Complete Dependence. Matt. 14:25-33

    A.  Peter was bold in his thought.

    B.  Peter was then weak in faith.

    C.  Peter was right in his prayer.


III.  The Denial of Jesus. Luke 22:34

    A.  We are under an intentional, spiritual attack. vs. 31

    B.  Prayer must be our weapon. vs. 32

    C.  We must live with the hope of Christ in us. vs. 32b

Have I dedicated my life to the Lord ship of Jesus Christ?

Do I see my need for complete dependence upon Him every day?

Do we hold on to the hope of Jesus Christ?