Will It Be You or a Rock?

Luke 19:28-40

Pew Bible Pg. 854



I. True worship of God requires sacrifice. vs. 28-34


A. Hold loosely to the things of this world. I John 2:17, I Cor. 7:31


B. Hold tightly to what is eternal, be a living sacrifice! Matt. 24:35, Rom. 12:1-2



II. True worship comes from a sincere heart. vs. 35-37, Amos 5:21-24


A. We worship God because of who He is. Rev. 4:11, Isaiah 9:6-7, Ps. 96:9


B. We worship God because of what He has done. Ps. 139:13-16, Zeph. 3:17



III. True worship keeps Jesus at the center. vs. 38


A. We must maintain our focus on Him. Heb. 12:1-2


B. We must be led by the Holy Spirit. Phil. 3:3




Do I forget on a daily basis who God is? Do I fail to worship Him as I should every day?



Have I surrendered myself to God in a spiritual act of worship? ______________________________



What do I need to change about how I live each day in order to worship Him as I want to?