Just as He Said
Matthew 28:1-9

Pew Bible Pg. 811

I.  Jesus declared who He was.

    A.  Jesus claimed the divine name    of God. 

Jn. 8:58 (crf Ex. 3:14); Jn. 10:30-33

    B.  Jesus rightfully received worship from other

people, something only God should receive. 

vs. 9, Matt. 14:20-33, Jn. 9:35-38

II.  Jesus described what He would do. 

    A.  Jesus said that He would conquer sin.

Jn. 11:25-26; Matt. 16:21-28, 17:22-23, 20:17-19

    B.  Jesus said that He would conquer death. 

Luke 2:18-22, Matt. 16:21, Jn. 10:17-18

III.  We must decide who Jesus was and what we believe He

did for us.

    A.  Is He the Truth?  Jn. 14:6, 18:37-38,

    B.  Jesus has said more.  Matt. 24:44, Mark 13:34-37

Have you faced the reality of who Jesus is?


Are you walking in the victory He has provided over sin?


Are you living in the hope of His resurrection and return?