Have You Come to Worship Him?

Matthew 2:1-12

Pew Bible Pg. 783


I.                   As the wise men did, we also need to seek Jesus.                          vs. 2


A.   Seeking Jesus requires knowledge.                                Rom. 10:13-15


B.   Following Jesus requires guidance.                                 John 16:13-15


II.                Worship requires an intentional sacrifice.                               vs.  1, 11


A.   We must be willing forsake all.                                    Luke 14:25-33


B.   This requires a daily conscious choice. 


III.             Worship of Jesus requires discernment and dedication.          vs. 8, 12


A.           The enemy seeks to deceive and distract us.                   Matt. 4:1-11


B.   True worship is sweet communion.                                           Rom. 12

Am I daily dedicated to worshipping Jesus?



Have I considered the sacrifice required for this to be real?



When I look at the alternative to wholehearted worship of Him, why am I so easily distracted or discouraged?