Highlights from the Tree:

People Just Like Me

Matthew 1:1-17, Luke 3:23-38

Pew Bible Pg.  783, 834


I.  Sometimes we have a hard time waiting (Advent), and we just want to arrive.


    A.  Family trees give us an opportunity to look back.


    B.  Each name represents a life, a family, a heritage.


II.  As we expect the arrival of Jesus, we see His family is similar to ours.


    A.  Jesus had some relatives who were wise and faithful.


    B.  Jesus had some relatives who were wicked and evil.


III.  As we wait and anticipate, we are grateful for the humanity of Jesus.


    A.  He came as the perfect fulfillment of what we needed.


    B.  He is the reason why we continue to wait.




Am I tempted to skip the wait and want to just get to the “good stuff”?



Do I recognize my need for Jesus daily, hourly, or even minute by minute?



Am I living in the advent of His return?