A Season for Laser Focus

Hebrew 12:1-2

Pew Bible Pg. 978



I.  Fixing our eyes on Jesus is a challenge during this season.                                                                 vs. 2


    A.  Life is full of distraction.                                                                                                 Matt. 14:28-31


    B.  We can feel overwhelmed with life.                                                                                Luke 22:29-46



II.  Maintaining our attention on Jesus is essential. 


    A.  Our source of strength must be from His Word.                                                              Neh. 8:1-12


    B.  Our focus is maintained with help from one another.                                                 II Timothy 2:8



III.  Like Jesus, let us endure with joy.                                                                                                   vs. 1-2


    A.  Jesus is the beginning of our faith.


    B.  Let us finish this season well.                                                                                    vs. 1, II Tim. 4:6-8



Have I dialed in my vision?  



If my focus is Jesus, how am I maintaining?  Am I running low on strength?




Have I determined to finish this season well?  Do I meditate on the example that Jesus has given me?