Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out
                        Esther 7

                     Pew Bible Pg. 390

  Sin must be recognized.                                                                                             vs. 3-4

    A.  Hidden sin brings destruction and death.                                                             vs. 9-10

    B.  Open confession brings freedom and deliverance.

II.  God is a righteous judge.

    A.  Sin will be revealed.

    B.  Justice will be served.

III.  God's people must not be silent. 

    A.  We are called to stand against wickedness.                                                               vs. 6

  We are called to speak truth about sin and God's   

          plan of deliverance.

Do I have unconfessed sin in my life?

Where have I failed to stand against the wickedness of our culture?

What has God called me to do in speaking the truth in love to others?