The God of the Great Reversal
Esther 8

I.  God knew the despair of His people. __________________________ vs4:1-4, 7:4, 8:3, 6

  He was in control through it all.

    B.  He was their Deliverer._______________________________________ Luke 1:68-75

II.  God was working through the queen and king He had raised up.________________ vs. 3-9

    A.  The appeal from the heart of Esther.

    B.  The affection from the heart of the king.

III.  God brought joy out of sorrow, hope from despair.  ______________________  vs. 15-17

    A.  God desires His people to trust Him alone.

    B.  God desires His people to be thankful.__________________________ I Thess. 5:15-18

What situation in your life right now seems desperate?  Who do you know facing a desperate situation?


How has God raised you up to be His instrument to bring relief or freedom?


Are we trusting in God alone as our Deliverer?  Are we thankful to Him?