Are We Spiritually Unaware?

Joshua 9:1-27

Pew Bible Pg. 157



I. You don't know what you don't know. vs. 4-13

A. We need to know the truth and power of God. vs. 14


B. We should expect God to work among us. Eph. 6



II. We have any enemy who is smart and determined. vs. 16-21


A. Be on guard. II Cor. 2:11


B. Look out for one another. I Pet. 5:8



III. God's grace is evident as we grow in discernment. vs. 21-27


A. Wisdom is the key. II Cor. 11:14, Phil. 1:9-11


B. Growing in spiritual awareness is a gift and a journey.




Am I praying for our church and myself to have increased spiritual awareness?


In what areas in my life have I allowed things or people to distract me from hearing the Shepherd's voice?


What are two things specifically that are going on in our culture that require spiritual discernment? Have I spent time in God's Word and prayer about these things?