What is Your Calling in a Turbulent Culture?

II Corinthians 5:11-21

Pew Bible Pg. 940

I.  We should be controlled by love in persuading others of their need for Jesus Christ. vs. 11, 14

    A.  Evangelical, Evangel, Euangelion - gospel or good news.  We have it; the world needs it.

    B.  We should not be living for ourselves.                                                                      vs. 15

II.  We cannot look through the world's lens.                                                                    vs. 16

    A.  The world's system (cosmos) is on a trajectory of death.

    B.  The lens of Christ in Scripture is new life.

III.  God has given us a gift - the ministry of reconciliation.                                             vs. 18

    A.  We have a message of truth and peace.                                                                   vs. 19

    B.  We represent another Kingdom.                                                                              vs. 20

Have you been reconciled to God?

How are you doing in looking through the lens of Scripture not culture?  



Are you bringing the message of the King as an ambassador to our world?