Obedience in Unknown Times

 Esther 2

Pew Bible Page 386

I.  Esther obeyed Mordecai even when it was difficult.                                           vs.  10, 20

    A.  Obedience requires trust.                                                                                    vs. 5-7

    B.  Obedience requires wisdom.                                                                                vs.  22

II.  Esther was obedient to the authority under which she lived.                          vs. 8b-9, 15

    A.  God gave her favor.                                                                                        vs.  9, 17

    B.  God's unknown plan was being fulfilled.                                                     Isa.  55:6-9

III.  Our obedience to Almighty God must be unconditional. 

    A.  We obey even when we don't see the full picture.

    B.  We obey until He calls us home.                                                                   Rev. 14:12

Have I asked God what He would have me do with the daily decisions in my life?

Do I measure my love for God by my sacrifice or obedience?

What is one area of my life which requires greater surrender for me to be more fully obedient to the Lord?