Living in Light of the Encouragement of Our God

Psalm 103

Pew Bible Pg. 482


I.  Recognizing who God is makes us want to bless Him.


A.  He is holy. vs. 1


B.  He is gracious, merciful, slow to anger, abounding in love. vs. 8, 10-13, 17


C.  He is Ruler over all. vs. 19


 II.  Recognizing what He has done makes us trust Him and want to obey Him.


A.  He forgives us.   vs. 3


B.  He heals us.   vs. 3


C.  He redeems us.   vs. 4


D. He satisfies and strengthens us.   vs. 5


E.  He works justice for the oppressed.   vs. 6


 III.  Recognizing who we are in Him makes us want to tell other people  about Him.


A.  Personal worship and Thanksgiving are the proper response.   vs. 1-2


B.  Public proclamation should flow out of us.   vs. 19-22



Do I need to set aside time this week to meditate on who God is and what He has done?  Have I forgotten about all his benefits?


Am I telling others about the great God whom I serve?


If I take an honest look at myself, am I known by others as a joyful believer?